Toxicology in Mammals, Fish, Reptiles, and Insects

Mammalian Toxicology

Acute and subchronic toxicity testing provides fundamental data for evaluating products to inform both manufacturers and the public of potential hazards. Industries of significant economic and societal importance depend on safe use of effective chemicals for a multitude of useful and beneficial purposes.

Aquatic Toxicology

STILLMEADOW, Inc. provides comprehensive environmental toxicology services, ranging from routine NPDES permit related compliance bioassays to sophisticated, complex testing customized to client needs.

Environmental Toxicology Studies List

A list of the Enviromental Toxicology studies conducted at STILLMEADOW, Inc. is available.


STILLMEADOW, Inc. is expanding it capabilities to offer a wide range of services for testing urban insect pests and insect pests of medical and veterinary importance in laboratory and field settings.
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