Animal Welfare Concerns Submittals

Report a Concern

STILLMEADOW, Inc. promotes the highest standards of animal welfare and use and is committed to the safe, humane, and responsible treatment of all animals used for research and instruction. STILLMEADOW, Inc.’s Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) reviews and, if warranted, investigates concerns involving the care and use of animals resulting from either reports of noncompliance reported by employees or by publically submitted complaints or concerns.

The Animal Welfare Program at STILLMEADOW, Inc. encourages prompt reporting of concerns related to animal welfare either orally or in writing. Allegations should be made in good faith with specific complaints accompanied by supporting documentation when possible, to allow for a thorough investigation of concerns. All reported concerns, regardless of how they are reported, will be brought to the attention of the full IACUC and investigated. Reports can be communicated anonymously.

Concerns regarding the use of animals in research may be directed by phone to any member of the IACUC at 281-240-8828.

Concerns may be mailed to:

IACUC Secretary
12852 Park One Dr.
Sugar Land, TX 77478

You can also complete the submission form below.

Provide all information possible including species, location, (Bldg, Room), names of individuals involved, and time of incident or observation.

If you wish to be contacted, please provide contact information (optional). If contact information is not provided, submission will remain anonymous.

NOTE: The Federal Animal Welfare Act prohibits the discrimination or reprisal against any person reporting a violation of animal welfare regulations or standards. The Animal Welfare Act Regulations provide that “No facility employee, Committee member, or laboratory personnel shall be discriminated against or be subject to any reprisal for reporting violations of any regulations or standards under the Act.” (9 CFR § 2.32(c)(4)).

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