BIOPESTICIDES – Microbial Pest Control Agent

STILLMEADOW specializes in biopesticide testing.  STILLMEADOW conducts a range of biopesticide or MPCA testing on a variety of different species. Testing is done via different routes including oral, dermal, IV or pulmonary to determine mammalian toxicity and pathogenicity.  Other testing is done to determine whether a biopesticide may have an adverse effect on the environment.  We utilize avian species as well as honey bees for such testing. We also have non-target insect toxicity testing.  With our Aquatic Toxicology facility located at the same location but in a separate building we can also conduct environmental testing of biopesticides using aquatic species.  Trust us with your product to conduct all your biopesticide testing needs.

Mammalian Toxicology – MPCA

  • Oral Toxicity/Pathogenicity (OCSPP 885.3050)
  • Dermal Toxicity/Pathology (OCSPP 885.3100)
  • Pulmonary Toxicity/Pathogenicity (OCSPP 885.3150)
  • Injection Toxicity/Pathogenicity (OCSPP 885.3200)
  • Hypersensitivity (OCSPP 885.3400)
  • Sub-chronic Toxicity/Pathogenicity (OCSPP 885.3600)
  • Oral Toxicity (OCSPP 885.4050)
  • Inhalation Toxicity (OCSPP 885.4100)
Aquatic Toxicology – MPCA
  • Freshwater Fish Toxicity (OCSPP 885.4200)
  • Freshwater Aquatic Invertebrate (OCSPP 885.4240)
  • Estuarian Animal Test (OCSPP 885.4280)
  • Aquarian Plant Toxicity (OCSPP 885.4300)
Non-Target Insect Toxicology – MPCA
  • Non-target Insect Toxicity Testing Tier I, Microbial Pesticide test guidelines (OCSPP 885.4340)
    • Ladybird Beetle
    • Green Lacewing
    • Parasitic Hymenopteran Wasp
  • Honey Bee Toxicity (OCSPP 885.4380)

Product Chemistry and MPCA

  • OCSPP 885.1100, 1300 and 1500: 5 – Batch Analysis
  • OCSPP 830.6317 and 6320: Storage Stability with Corrosion Characteristics
  • OCSPP 855.1400: Certificate of Analysis

Pre and post tox analyses are available in addition to the generation of a Certificate of Analysis (CofA).  Following specific guidelines or charting new waters, let us at STILLMEADOW help develop your custom protocol that suits you specific needs.


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