Environmental Toxicology

1. Stillmeadow, Inc. services encompass a wide range of environmental toxicology studies. Our diverse facilities provide us the flexibility to support standard and specialty GLP compliant environmental science tests necessary for global product submission under EPA, OECD and FDA guidance, as well as environmental compliance-based testing set forth by NPDES permits. Reach out to one of our environmental specialists and let us serve as your environmental partner in the toxicity assessment of your product or facility effluents.

Environmental Toxicology Studies List

Aquatic Toxicology

  • Daphnia spp. Static 48-hr Acute Toxicity Test (OCSPP 850.1010, OECD 202)
  • Daphnia spp. Static 21-day Chronic Toxicity Test (OCSPP 850.1300, OECD 211)
  • Static 96-hr. Fish Acute Toxicity Test (OCSPP 850.1075, OECD 203)
  • Mysidopsis bahia Static 96-hr Acute Toxicity Test (OCSPP 850.1035)
  • Mysidopsis bahia Static 28-day Chronic Toxicity Test (OCSPP 850.1350)
  • Early life stage static toxicity test (OCSPP 850.1400 or OECD 210)
  • Freshwater fish testing, Tier 1, microbial pest control agent (MPCA) test (OCSPP 885.4200)
  • Freshwater aquatic invertebrate testing, Tier 1, microbial control agent (MPCA)  test (OCSPP 885.4240)

Biodegradation Testing

  • Closed Bottle Biodegradability Test – 28 days (OCSPP 835.3110(o), OECD 301D/306)
  • Activated Sludge Respiration Inhibition Test (OCSPP 850.6800, OECD 209)
  • CO2 Evolution Test/Modified Sturm Test (OCSPP 835.3110(m) OECD 301B)

Non-Target Plant Testing (Aquatic and Terestrial)

  • Algal Growth Inhibition with marine and fresh water species (OCSPP 850.4500, 850.4550, OECD 201)
  • Aquatic Plant Toxocity with Lemna spp.  (OCSPP 850.4400, OECD 221)
  • Seedling Emergence and Seedling Growth (OCSPP 850.4100)
  • Vegetative Vigor Toxicity (OCSPP 850.4150)

Earthworm Testing- Eisenia fetida

  • 14-Day Definitive Toxicity Test (OCSPP 850.6200, OECD 207)
  • 28-Day Subchronic Toxicity Test (OPPTS 850.3100)
  • Avoidance Test (ISO 17512-2)

Honey Bee Toxicology

  • Honey Bee Testing, Tier I, Microbial Pest Control Agent (MPCA) Test (885.4380)
  • Honey Bees, Acute Oral Toxicity Test (OECD 213)
  • Honey Bees, Acute Contact Toxicity Test (OCSPP 850.3020) (OECD 214)


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