Mammalian Toxicology Services

Considerable legislation has been developed to protect people and the environment from harmful effects of chemicals.  Acute and subchronic Mammalian Toxicology testing protocols provide fundamental data for evaluating products to inform both manufacturers and the public of potential hazards.  Industries of significant economic and societal importance rely on safe use of effective chemicals for a multitude of useful and beneficial purposes. STILLMEADOW, Inc. takes pride in its ability to provide the toxicology services needed for premanufacture notification, registration of pesticides, labeling and safe handling recommendations for consumers and employees.  STILLMEADOW, can follow USEPA, OECD, FDA and other guidelines.  we can run all studies as GLP or non-GLP as needed.

Mammalian Acute Toxicology Studies – EPA 870.1000 – .2600 and OECD 400s

  • Acute Oral Toxicity in Rats Up and Down Method ( OCSPP 870.1100, OECD 425)
  • Traditional Acute Oral Toxicity in Rats (OCSPP 870.1100, OECD 401)
  • Acute Dermal Toxicity in Rabbits or Rats (OCSPP 870.1200, OECD 402)
  • Acute Inhalation Toxicity in Rats (OCSPP 870.1300, OECD 403)
  • Acute Eye Irritation in Rabbits (OCSPP 870.2400, OECD 405)
  • Acute Dermal Irritation in Rabbits (OCSPP 870.2500, OECD 404)
  • Skin Sensitization Studies
  • Guinea Pig – Buehler Method (OCSPP 870.2600, OECD 429)
  • Guinea Pig – Magnusson Kligman Method
  • Mouse – Local Lymph Node Assay (OCSPP 870.2600, OECD 429)

Subchronic Mammalian Toxicology Studies Series 870

  • 28 and 90-Day Oral Toxicity in Rats or Dogs (870.3050, 870.3100, 870.3150)
  • 90 Day Dermal Toxicity in Rats
  • 21 and 90-Day Dermal Toxicity in Rabbits
  • 28 and 90-Day Inhalation Toxicity in Rats

MPCABiopesticide Studies

Pre and post tox analyses are available in the absence of a Certificate of Analysis (CofA).  Following specific guidelines or charting new water, let us help develop your custom protocol that suits you specific needs.

CPDA Adjuvant Certification – 3 pack

Need basic toxicology analysis for your adjuvants for CPA Certification?  You will need to start with these 3 basic tests.  Acute Oral Toxicity, Acute Eye Irritation and Acute Dermal Toxicity.



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